Study Finds Isagenix Superior to Leading “Heart Healthy” Diet

The highly anticipated results are in—Isagenix products are superior to a leading “heart healthy” dietary plan for weight loss and visceral fat loss. The manuscript has been submitted to two peer-reviewed journals and is still under review; however, you can read more details about the study on our clinical research summary and marketing flyer.

Isagenix Clinical Study Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal

The prestigious, high-profile journal Nutrition & Metabolism has now published the results from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)’s clinical study involving Isagenix products. The open-access, peer-reviewed journal is regularly cited and one of the most widely read publications in the nutritional science community.

Isagenix Clinical Study Now Published In Second Journal with MRI Scans

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)’s study involving Isagenix products has now been published in a second high-profile, peer-reviewed publication, Nutrition Journal. The new article includes magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of a subject before and after use of Isagenix products.

New Clinical Study (audio)

Trainer: Senior Manager of Science Communications David Despain, M.Sc.

Listen in as David Despain shares the details and incredible results of the new clinical study on Isagenix compared to a recognized heart-healthy diet.