Dr. Alena

Dr. Alena Kalamaris

Doctor of Chiropractic

Access Chiropractic Center

“I have always been passionate about clients complete wellness, including their nutrition. After being introduced to nutritional cleansing, I finally had a simple to use and easy to coach solutions for my patients nutrition and detox needs. I had tried several other cleanses and nutritional programs, but none of them were as convenient or easy-to-follow as Isagenix.

I not only have an effective solution for my patients, but I have an opportunity to grow my practice with the additional residual revenue stream. This allows me the opportunity to transform my patients’ lives while building a vital practice around complete wellness.”

Dr. Joshua

Dr. Joshua Dunsky

Clinical Director

Dunsky Rehabilitation & Spine Center

“A few years ago, I was introduced to science that has completely changed my life, my family’s life and the lives of many of our friends and patients. As skeptical as I was I embarked on a journey to prove it would not work. A few years later, this nutritional program is mandatory in my neuropathy, spinal degenerative and gut health program. ‘The power of the body can heal the body,’ in the absence of interference. The problem is that we can’t ‘out eat’ nutrient deficient food (even with organic), nor can we out exercise the toxins that inundate us every single day. The program we use is not a diet, not a fad and not for everyone. This program is for those that are ready to make a change. This program infuses the body with all of the nutrients it needs, macro and micro every single day, while at the same time, supporting the body’s natural ability to clean itself from those impurities.

This company did not invent these ingredients, they simply sourced them from the best places on earth and stuck them in a bottle for you and I to drink. It could not get any easier than this.

Side effects: the release of unhealthy, unwanted weight and all the amazing things that happen when the body starts working properly again. I love when patients report that they feel rested, have energy to get off the couch and play with their kids, have healthy romantic relationships with their significant other (I hear this more than you know) and that they are simply enjoying life again. Nothing makes me happier and more proud to have found a company that is dedicated to this outcome.”